Class NoneLogger

  extended bynet.sf.wraplog.AbstractLogger
      extended bynet.sf.wraplog.NoneLogger

public class NoneLogger
extends AbstractLogger

A Logger that does not log anywhere. This is a useful a an internal default for libraries before the client applications sets a logger.

Thomas Aglassinger

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void reallyLog(int logLevel, String message, Throwable error)
          Log a message and optional error details.
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Constructor Detail


public NoneLogger()
Method Detail


protected void reallyLog(int logLevel,
                         String message,
                         Throwable error)
Description copied from class: AbstractLogger
Log a message and optional error details.

Specified by:
reallyLog in class AbstractLogger
logLevel - one of: Level.DEBUG, Level.INFO, Level.WARN, Level.ERROR
message - the actual message; this will never be null
error - an error that is related to the message; unless null, the name and stack trace of the error are logged